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For Christ’s Sake, Be Nice! 28 January, 2008

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by €urtis Ηoneycutt

When was the last time someone called you in the middle of dinner selling something you didn’t want? How about someone hounding you to take a survey in the mall when all you want to do is shop/hang out? What do you do with the random flyer that someone puts under your windshield wiper while your car is in the parking lot? Has anyone ever tried to sell something to you at your doorstep? If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced this or something like this. How did you react to these offers? More than likely, you weren’t interested. And the persistence of the salesperson doesn’t make you want what (s)he is selling any more; it usually has the opposite effect.

I was reminded this past Friday night of how some Christians approach telling other people about Jesus in a similar fashion. Canned sales pitches for Jesus are memorized and then aimed at people who have no prior relationship with the salesperson. In this case, the seller is selling his/her version of Christianity to someone who might not be interested. I don’t think people take statistics over things like this, but I wonder (for every 1 conversion) how many people are turned off to the idea of Jesus/Christianity after the spiel is given? I don’t know for sure, but many people despise this type of evangelism.

I’m not against the salesperson, I’m against the sales pitch.

I’m not against people turning their lives over to Jesus, I’m against Christians turning other people off to Jesus/God/Church/Christianity.

So is there a better way?

Yes, but it’s harder, and it takes longer than five minutes.

(But I want results!)

Yes, but let’s try it a different way. Think of evangelism not as a “cold call”, but think of it like a dating relationship. When you meet someone, it takes time to gain his/her trust. As the person gets to know you better, (s)he will respect you more. Peddling Jesus to a stranger is like proposing marriage to someone on a blind date. There’s a slight chance you’ll be successful, but a better chance that the proposed party will turn around and run in the opposite direction.

Let’s be very careful and intentional how we approach people who do not claim to be Christians.
We are “ambassadors“, or people who represent Jesus. When people meet us and we let them know we are followers of Christ, they will associate a lot of your character traits with what Jesus is like. If we treat them like jerks, they’ll want nothing to do with us or our Savior…

…just something to think about. People are watching us. Hopefully they know whether or not you claim to be a Christian (it is not something you should hide if you do), and you have an affect on how they view Jesus, so be careful.


TwentySomeone: Practical with a Capital “P” followed by “ractical” 15 January, 2008

by €urtis Ηoneycutt

Book Review:  TwentySomeone: Finding Yourself in a Decade of Transition, by Craig Dunham and Doug Serven

I have read and re-read this book several times. It is incredibly practical for those who find themselves between the ages of 18-35 and want some practical wisdom on how to approach different aspects of their lives.

TwentySomeone covers practical topics such as financial responsibility, time management, and romantic relationships. I think those chapters are incredibly helpful through all the stages of your twenties, but they would be incomplete without the chapters on character. A big part of the transitional and formative decade of your twenties is answering the question of “Who am I?” With strong character traits like humility, integrity, teachability, and faithfulness, we can then look toward the tangible aspects of our lives like money and time management.

If you read this book, you are not guaranteed to have all your ducks in a row, but it’s a good start. Also, the foot notes and appendices inject a lot of the authors’ personalities, which makes this a very enjoyable read. This is a great book to cover in a small group. I recommend to read this alongside a close friend or in a small group so you can discuss these topics that are integral in the lives of all twentysomepeople.   Check out reviews of TwentySomeone (including this one) at



Helping People: It Won’t Kill You, and It’s Kind of Fun! 14 January, 2008

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by €urtis Ηoneycutt

Back in high school, I was the vice president of my high school’s Key Club, an organization run by Kiwanis encouraging students to have an active role in community service.  I was vice president because there weren’t really any clear duties for the v.p., so I just made it up as I went along.  I had a secret nickname for Key Club; I called it Girl Club.  It was the only club in school to have (other than myself) an all-girl membership…with the exception of Future Women Leaders, which would be troubling if it had a male member.

All that to say, I had a pretty good experience in Key Club.  We helped a lot of people, and had fun while doing it.  People we helped were very surprised to be on the receiving end acts of unselfishness.  Not only that, but it was so rewarding to lend a hand and help out.  The only thing that bothered me about helping others is that it was like pulling teeth to recruit other people to help out.  Why?

We were having so much fun!  But the most common answer I got when I asked someone to volunteer with us was “I’m sooo busy right now, it’s not a good time for me.”  Really?

So busy doing what?  Looking out for yourself?  Probably. 

I got a new daily planner for Christmas so I can get my life together and be organized.  So far, I’ve been filling my time by doing things to help myself.  Go to work (to make money for me), lunch appointments (to fill my stomach with food), get my car fixed (because not having one would be sooo inconvenient), and the list goes on.  I need a whole book to write all the stuff down that I’m doing to help myself.  There’s a problem here.

I realize that a certain amount of my time has to be focused on self maintainence/preservation/improvement, but not nearly as much as I’m scheduling right now.  While gearing up for “The Art of Being Unselfish”, the January series in Access at Grace, God is revealing to me how selfish I really am.  I love helping people…I just don’t do it very much.

…just some thoughts.  (“I” count in this blog: 20…”me/my” count: 8)    It’s not all about me.  It’s all about you, Jesus.  Help me to get over myself.     



Let’s Bring Back Nap Time…Who’s With Me? 18 December, 2007

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by €urtis Ηoneycutt
Remember, as a little kid, taking naps in the middle of the day?  What a great feeling it was just to nod off with your stuffed tiger and blanket to get you energized until bedtime?  Those were the days.  Nowadays, napping is considered lazy and unproductive in our high-efficiency world.
Well, how’s this for efficiency…in Japan, power naps, which are short, 20-30 minute periods of dozing off, are all the rage.  Doctors say that a 20-minute power nap in the middle of the day is more effective for your productivity than a cup of coffee.  If we all did that, then I’m sure you’d see Starbucks installing hideaway cots in their cafés.  So instead of that i.v. of java you have dripping into your system morning, noon, and night (for me it’s Diet Dr. Pepper), how’s about a nap?
Whether you’re in college or in the “real world” (whatever that is…I think it’s a show on MtV), let me suggest you take me up on this and let me know how it works for you.  Many schools are having finals this week.  Why don’t you take a thirty minute study break to get your snooze on?  See how it makes you feel afterwards.  Don’t take a nap if you haven’t studied at all…slacker. 
Now, this may be a bit tougher if you have a job.  As George Costanza found out the hard way, it may be difficult to catch a power nap while on the clock.  If you have an hour for lunch, spend twenty minutes of it resting your eyes.  You’ll feel like a million bucks all afternoon, and, before you know it, you’ll have that corner office.

So, who’s with me?  Let’s bring back nap time.  All in favor, say “Zzzzzz……..”


We’re Dropping Like Flies 13 December, 2007

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by €urtis Ηoneycutt
…in a good way.  Last week, two different guys I know got engaged to their respective lady friends.  One of my guy friends is getting married this weekend in, of all the places, Texas.  Give me a break.  Just next summer alone, I already know of at least six weddings involving my friends, and at least four of them I’ll actually attend.  I’m not exaggerating at all.  I took the plunge this past July.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  But I ask you this: Can’t men still be men?
The answer, I pray, is YES, but there are some startling statistics out there that tell me I’m doomed to domestication.  I’m already on my way.  Before I know it I’ll be driving a van, and liking it, bragging to all of my remaining buddies about the awesome cup holders and storage for strollers, car seats and diaper bags.  I admit, the one that I linked to in the last sentence is kind of cool (you see, I’m already breaking down).  I’ll probably even tuck my shirt in and comb my hair…nah, it’ll never get to that point.  But I think you see what I’m getting at.

I propose a man-datory guy night at least once a month.  This past week some guys from my small group got together.  We ate pizza, drank manly beverages, and played violent video games.  We had a great time killing each other and laughing at stupid jokes.  Why do women even like us?
If you’re a guy reading this who thinks “this will never happen to me, I’ll never be domesticated”…just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins.  You’ll get your turn.  You’ll come face to face with the “m” word: commitment (you were thinking I was going to say “marriage”, but commitment has three m’s in it).  And before you know it, you’ll be on diaper patrol.  Men of the world out there, stand firm.  Love your women well, but don’t forget about your bros.



Jimmy’s Benediction 10 December, 2007

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by Rachel Naz

I love music. LOVE IT. One of the biggest reasons I have a music fetish is because music is a venue that allows artists to weave their thoughts and emotions in and out of a melody. There is just something powerful about putting music behind words. It brings emotions to life. All of that to say, I was handed a CD the other day by a friend of mine.  I popped in Jimmy Needham’s CD and was blown away by his poetic lyrics. He has so many amazing songs on his album Freedom, but the one that hit me wasn’t a track backed with music which surprised me … but it was powerful. Jimmy has a benediction at the end of his CD that got my brain thinking. Here’s what it says:

No one is good not even one
The front pages of papers of children raped by rapist
Iraqi torture chambers and we the blame claim we’re blameless
Wrong. All
And swelling up inside of us there’s this pride in us this arrogance
And our only line of defense is the sense that
I’m not as half as bad as this friend of mine so I must be fine
We mean well don’t we
Yet I’ve never seen good intentions set a man free from
Hurt. All
This poor unfortunate soul,
Filling a single void with toy after toy with girl after boy
How boring this wasn’t this meant to be humanity’s life story
Warring with God saying what have you done for me?
Bough. All
Hanging out for six hours marred beyond recognition
In complete submission to his father will still
A proclamation was made louder than the loudest temptation
With more beauty than all his creation
More eternal than eternity more angelic than the heavenlies
It Is done for you and bought with blood
For freedom has come

How many times have we warred with God asking him ‘what have you done for me?” That line sends chills up and down my spine. We forget that we need to accept and rejoice because we are bought with blood and we have been freed from the powers of darkness. Have we forgotten the purpose of our music? Our worship? Our lives? We constantly fill our lives with so many other things that we worship instead of the God of the universe. C.S. Lewis said this, “A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the wall of his cell.” We cannot diminish the glory of the Lord, but sometimes we choose not to acknowledge it. Jesus said that if we do not acknowledge God for who he is … then the rocks will cry out. I do not want to let a stinkin’ ROCK worship the living God better that someone made in his image!  Read through Jimmy’s benediction again …. I challenge you to meditate on the words and reflect for what God has done for you and worship him.



Tom’s Shoes: Give Well and Do Good 29 November, 2007

by Curtiš H0neycutt

Tom’s Shoes is a new shoe company with one simple, yet beautiful idea: for every pair of shoes sold, Tom’s donates one pair to a child in need.  The shoes are simple slip-ons and kind of remind me of the Van’s slip-ons.  Right now, the Tom’s crew is in South Africa giving away 50,000 pairs of shoes.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their blog.

These shoes are pretty hip, I’ve heard that they’re comfortable, and they’ll never come untied.  I saw Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s, interviewed at the Catalyst conference in Atlanta back in October.  Tom’s is a great company of people who want life to be more comfortable for people whose lives aren’t that easy.  Recently, Tom’s Shoes has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Time, Elle, and Vogue, to name a few.

If you are looking for a gift to add to your wish list this Christmas (the black burlap pair is on mine) or want to give gifts that also help others, order a pair of Tom’s for the people on your list.  

Here is a list of some other ways you can give gifts that help others this Christmas season:

Grace Christmas Catalog– This year the Christmas Gift Catalog at Grace is conveniently available to you online and a great way to learn more about Grace’s partners directly involved with social justice in our neighborhood and around the world. Together with your family, friends, or small group you can support your chosen minitries with a financial gift and learn more about them.

Give Someone a Goat-World Vision-Honor someone special in your life by choosing gifts that demonstrate God’s love to the world’s poorest children and families.  Buy gifts in honor of someone such as goats, sheep, or clean water for an entire village.

Angel Tree-Angel Tree is a ministry of Prison Fellowship, delivering love in the form of Christmas gifts and a message of hope to children of prisoners. Angel Tree Christmas connects the parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts by local church volunteers who purchase and deliver these gifts and the gospel to children. Often times the local church will host a Christmas party for the children, their caretakers and family.

…these are just a few ways you can help others have a better Christmas this year.  Be creative.  Do something locally to help others in need.  You’ll feel good about it, and someone else will, too.

“All I want for Christmas is two burlap shoes…”
I wanted to title this blog “Tom’s Shoes: A Shoe Company with Soul”, but I could hear the groans from anyone who would read it.  I need to choose my puns wisely.



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